Bharatanatyam Rangapravesam of Kum Sarayu Potluri Disciple of Guru Dr Priyashiri Rao

Sarayu, a Californian by birth, is in love with Bharatanatyam seemingly from day one. She is excited after witnessing her first performance  during a trip to India, when she was five years old. Even though it’s difficult to find Bharatanatyam Gurus in US, she’s determined to learn it. She pestered her parents until they found an able teacher in California. She has been learning it ever since, for the last ten years. Sarayu believes that this ancient and divine form of dance helps her relax and provides a relief from the intense academic demands (her career choice is to be a Dermatologist). She considers dance to be an outlet to express herself and a way of communicating her culture to the world.


Her parents moved to Bangalore when she was six. She continued to learn the dance from her Guru, despite the difficulty in understanding the meaning of all the verses. She completed the dance exam conducted by Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board. She has attended Abhinaya workshops conducted by the famous Guru Smt B Bhanumathi, a Karnataka Kalashree awardee. Over the years, she has performed many times in various dance events, and looks forward to her Rangapravesam as a stepping stone in her dance journey.

Academics and Extracurricular:

At school, Sarayu is an academically accelerated student. She successfully juggled the stressful demands from her International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum and the progressively intense dance practices. She graduated from grade X IB at Oakridge international school last May. She dabbled in Badminton, Swimming and Tennis. She learned Karate under Sensei Prabhakaran, an Olympic referee, for six years and achieved the second degree black belt. Sarayu knows Telugu and Spanish, apart from English. She is an accomplished painter. She served the community by volunteering, and raised money for charity by selling her paintings. She taught poor students as part of community service. She enjoys painting and listening to music in her free time.


Both her parents, Vijay and Geetha, are software professionals. Vijay is from a village near Gudivada while Geetha is from Chittoor. Sarayu has an older brother, Saurya, who is in grade 12. The family lives in Bangalore. Sarayu plans to continue learning and performing dance in college and beyond.

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