Bhajarangi 2, Kotigobba 3, Roberrt posters mesmerizes fans

Bhajarangi 2 first look

Choreographer-filmmaker Harsha began work on the sequel to his film BhajarangiBhajarangi 2, in June last year, and has been very successful at keeping all details regarding it closely guarded. Except for the fact that Kannada star Shivarajkumar was back in the lead, there are absolutely no details about the film in the public domain. That has changed now, as Harsha released the first visuals from the film on the auspicious festive occasion. “We didn’t want to reveal details and visuals from the film earlier on, as it would take away the novelty factor,” Harsha maintained. While sources had hinted that Shivarajkumar would have a unique look in the film, the poster teases audiences with a sneak peek of that. It also features another character bearing a torch in hand, and appears to be in search of something, which adds to the curiosity. “This character will be releaved in February. If you can see, the character looks like a brahmin in search of something. There is an element of spirituality in the film, which is what has been revealed here,” says Harsha. He also reveals that the film is set over multiple timelines. “We have a period element to it, as well as segments that are set in present day. And Shivarajkumar’s look is something that we are eager to reveal, but fans will have to wait till March when we show it fully,” says Harsha.

Kotigobba 3 motion poster

This year’s long awaited cinema, ‘Kotigobba 3’ is also a forerunner. Kannada cinema audiences are waiting for this movie. Motion posters have now been released and the expectation on film has doubled. The team shared photos of the film just a few days ago and this time it was a little special. This motion poster is appreciated by the fans.

The filmmakers are trying to convey through the motion poster that there are some adventure scenes in the film. This poster is meant to show a glimpse of action scenes in the film. Sudeep, who is styled in a stylish wear, is holding a cigar in his hand, and villains are portrayed as ash coming out from the cigar. The poster looks very unique and stylish.

Directed by Sivakarthik, the film is co-produced by Surappa Babu and Rockline Venkatesh. Arjun has composed the genre and Shekhar Chandra has done the cinematography.  Due to the efforts of all these technicians, the movie ‘Kotiyogoba 3’ is creating huge buzz.


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