Bhajarangi 2, Kotigobba 3, Roberrt posters mesmerizes fans

Roberrt 2nd look

The second Motion Poster Festival of Challenging Star Darshan starrer ‘Roberrt’ has been released today.

The video was uploaded to Anand Audio’s YouTube page and has seen over 2.5 lakh views in just a few moments. Vinod Prabhakar, Asha Bhatt, Jagapathi Babu, Ravi Kishan and others are in the lead roles.

Darshan tweeted, “Happy birthday to everyone, Capricorn. We are releasing the second look poster of our Robert movie with sesame and jaggery. See, bless. ”

The motion poster is 53 seconds long and features Darshan Anjaneya. The child of Rama’s character is placed on his shoulders. A bow can be seen to burn the image of Rama Ravana.

Seeing Darshan in Anjaneya’s avatar in ‘Roberrt’ cinema is not a lie. Not only that, but the film is very much anticipated.

The film is being produced by Umapati Films Banner and directed by Tarun Sudhir. Actress Asha Bhatt has been paired with Darshan in the film. It is said that Darshan is making his first appearance in Tripura through ‘Roberrt’.

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