Bengaluru beats Mumbai, now has third-highest Covid-19 caseload

Bengaluru, which was the least affected major Indian centre till the end of June, has now emerged as the city with the third-highest caseload in the country. On Sunday, the total number of confirmed infections in Bengaluru overtook that of Mumbai and is now behind only Pune and Delhi.

Bengaluru now has more than 1.7 lakh people who have been infected with the virus till now. Mumbai, once the city with the largest number of infected people, has just over 1.69 lakh confirmed infections.

The epidemic in Karnataka has begun to grow in a big way only since July. At the end of June, Bengaluru had just about 4,500 confirmed cases, when Mumbai was nearing 80,000. But there has been a rapid growth in Bengaluru after that. The city accounts for almost 40 per cent of 4.59 lakh cases in Karnataka. It also has more than 43,000 active cases, the largest in any city apart from Pune, which has more than 75,000. For the last few days, Bengaluru has been reporting around 3,500 cases daily. Only Pune and Delhi have been reporting more. Even Mumbai has been witnessing a gradual rise in its daily numbers for the last two weeks. In the third week of August, the daily new detections in Mumbai had dropped below 1,000, but it has begun to increase after that. In fact, last week, the new detection reached an all time high of 2,371.

Municipal officials in Mumbai say increased testing, greater interaction of people during the recently concluded Ganesh festival, and easing of lockdown restrictions, were behind the rise in numbers. Mumbai has begun to test between 12,000 and 15,000 samples every day. Many other cities, including Pune, are testing many more.

Meanwhile, Bihar, which till recently was growing at a very fast rate, has slowed down considerably in the last couple of weeks. In fact, its current daily growth rate of 1.01 per cent is the slowest in the country. Among the top ten states with maximum caseloads, it is Odisha which is adding the numbers at the fastest rate right now, growing at 2.38 per cent per day. On Sunday, the state reported more than 4,000 new cases for the first time. It has more than 1.55 lakh confirmed cases now.

But the overall fastest-growing state happens to be Chhattisgarh, whose daily growth rate is more than five per cent. Kerala, Punjab and Haryana are other high-caseload states with high growth rates right now.

On Sunday, more than 92.000 new infections were detected across the country, the fifth consecutive day that this number has exceeded 90,000. The total number of confirmed infections in India has reached 48.46 lakh now, out of which 37.80 lakh, or 78 per cent, have recovered from the disease. The death count is nearing 80,000 now.

Tamil Nadu now has more than five lakh people who have so far been infected with the virus. It is the third state in the country, after Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh, to cross that figure. On Sunday, West Bengal hit the two-lakh figure mark, with the addition of more than 3,200 new infections.

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