‘Bengaluru 20’ launched to improve city’s ranking in Swachh Bharat national survey

Last year, the city secured the 194th rank at the national level in the Swachh Bharat survey. This poor ranking shocked the entire country as the city is considered to be the ‘startup capital’ of the country and ‘Silicon Valley’ of Asia. So this year, the BBMP, after learning a lot of lessons from last year’s poor ranking, decided to take the survey seriously.

The BBMP has taken up the ‘Bengaluru 20’ initiative in order to improve the city’s ranking in the national survey. The goal is to secure the best of the 20 spots in the country.

The first meeting in this regard was organised on Friday, where the authorities and people’s representatives decided to take up the Swachh Bharat initiatives seriously and start the preparations from this year.

Ccorporators of all the 198 wards, senior officers and the representatives of the non governmental organisations were present for the meeting. During the meeting it was decided to construct 30,000 new toilets to make the city open defecation free (ODF).

It was also decided to improve the coordination between all the stake holders, engagement of the public with the BBMP etc.

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