Belgaum is a complete smart city by the end of 2020


Four years celebration of Rs 1000 crore Smart City project However, the number of works completed in Belgaum so far is only six, costing Rs 4.53 crore.

Four years after the selection of the Belgaum City Smart City project on Wednesday, June 25, Smart City Company Managing Director S. Giaulla said this.

“The project management consultancy (PMC), which is responsible for the management of the project, had a lot of problems at the beginning of the project. 4.53 crores have been completed in just four years. All works have been speeding up after the issuance of a maintenance contract change notice. The city of Belgaum will be literally smart by the end of 2020, with all the works in progress and in the planning stage,” Giavullah said.

Behind Tumkur:

Giavullah, who took over as Smart City company MD seven months ago, promised to complete 22 major projects worth Rs 304.61 crore in the next six months. “Rs 49 crore has been earmarked for the Smart City project so far. In terms of expenditure, we have over Rs 1 crore than Tumkur. All the 16 tenders, which are expected to be completed in the next three months, will be completed in the next three months. “In the next three months, we have completed six projects worth Rs 226.50 crore,” he said.

Clearance Required:

DPR is currently underway at the fort premises at a cost of Rs 25 crore. However, the Center’s Defense Department needs permission to start the work and has already had several correspondences with the Defense Department. The state government has also sought permission from the Center for Defense. We hope to get clear clearance from the public interest,” Jiaullah said.

Delay of work: fine for contractor

“The demo road at KPTCL Road and Sawagawa Road in Nehru city has been delayed by a contractor. For this reason, the contractor has been warned to pay a hefty fine and finish the work. Plans have been modified to make concrete roads, instead of demoralizing demo roads. Work has been undertaken in the past to make all the main roads and major inner roads of the city concrete roads, ”he said.

Flyover, Bus Shelter

“DPR is also in the process of building a flyover worth Rs 100 crore from the National Highway to the Central Bus Station to control traffic congestion in the city,” said S. Giavulla, “Bus shelters already under construction will enhance the glazing of Belgaum Smart City. Digital panels installed in each bus shelter will also provide information on routes along with bus schedules, ” he said.

As the work

all the work is not yet 568 million kaigettikollalagiddu ruveccadalli 16 projects are under progress.

10 projects worth Rs 232 crore including the Vaccine Depot Heritage Park, Concrete Road and Park Development are under tender.

Rs 173.77 crore including Fort Trench Development, Fort Lake Development and Flyover Road.

Dharmanath Bhavan, Mahantesh Nagar Balabhavan and Tilakwadi near the Railway Gate of the Tilakwadi Public Works Partnership is to be undertaken to build a state-of-the-art shopping complex worth Rs 284 crore.

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