Beardo Weirdo team creates COVID-19 awareness in a ‘pakka local’ style


Bengalureans face yet another lockdown and it’s time to stay home and stop the spread of virus. Meanwhile, Covid-19 lockdown has taught new skills to a lot of people. Some restarted practicing their hidden talents, and some have developed new skills. There have been a lot of videos that created awareness about Covid-19. But here is a city-based team ‘Beardo Weirdo’ that has now come up with a unique ‘pakka local’ concept to entertain and as well create awareness. The team conveys a serious problem in a sarcastic and humorous way.

As there is a huge spike of cases and deaths in Bengaluru, Beirdo Weirdo team wanted to taunt people with their video and ask them to stay home and stay safe. Sreekar and Riitesh Panndya, residents of Sanjaynagar came up with this appealing content, where about 15 people have told witty slogans in the video.

Riitesh Panndya, the content creator told “I was self-isolated as my dad was tested positive for Covid-19. During the quarantine period, I just got a thought of telling people about how fast the virus spreads and also it is not very much dangerous if certain precautions are taken. So came up with this comical script along with my teammate Sreekar.”

“Riitesh and I compiled a few pickup lines like ‘Yeste idru duddu, aaspatreli illa bed-du’, ‘Kai Kaal mukha tolko, Virus na kalko’, and many more which easily reaches people. Whereas used tamte beats for this video as it sounds local and also wanted the message to be at the ground level. We approached a few of our friends to be part of this video. Initially a few hesitated but when they were told about the concept, they enjoyed doing it” told Sreekar to City Hilights. “The script, recording and editing happened just within 24 hrs. We pressurized all of our friends to do it on time another lockdown was beginning on Tuesday,” Sreekar added.

There are around 15 people in the video which includes airhostess, model, costume designer, doctor. The video also includes two non-Kannadigas but who still managed to speak Kannada for a good cause.

Laxmi Krishna, a celebrity designer says ‘tirga lockdown bantu, virus jeeva tintu’ by being part of this video. She told City Hilights that she found positivity in this concept. “When the team approached me for this video, I was completely exhausted because of my work. But their genuine and innovative concept pushed me off to record a video,” Laxmi sighs of relief.

Dr. Pratibha Burli from the US joined her Bengaluru friends through this video. She requested people to follow certain norms like using sanitizers, maintaining social distance, not stepping out unnecessarily. “It is very much important to adopt basic hygiene and follow précised instructions for the rest of our lives,” told the doctor over a WhatsApp call.

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