Be grateful for the now, to live: Ramya

Those of us (me included, obviously) who have intense (read passionate) personalities, tend to get consumed by the world and it’s trivialities and get so caught up in them that we get exhausted and burn out quickly. This is one extreme. And then there are those of us (me included, again, obviously), who, when exhausted/disillusioned, step back, isolate and reflect. We ask ourselves all the pertinent questions, who am I, why me, what’s my purpose, what’s the meaning in life, etc. We find solace in spirituality. We tend to drift away from the world and drift so far that we become detached, dispassionate, non-enthused about life. Nothing titillates the mind, nothing affects us, we lose interest in life, because we think we’ve ‘figured it all out’ and wonder what the point of it all is? It happens. It’s happened to me. This is the other extreme.

I am speaking from my own experience; we need to find balance between the two extremes. And that’s the hardest part, but also the best way to enjoy life.

To know our place in this world, the maya of it and, therefore, ephemeral/fleeting and to still be curious and interested in life; that’s the balance we need to find. As much as it is important to reflect and ask who we really are and what our purpose is, we also need to be grateful for the now, to live.

It’s a real struggle. I have hurt my loved ones deeply and pushed them away when they tried to help in finding meaning and balance. I learnt that balance is key, albeit the hard way. It’s my journey.
And so, to you I say — don’t get caught up in the world and its attachments, don’t go too far away either, stay in the now. Life is a present, live it! Also, note to self.

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