BBMP worried about source as bedridden man tests COVID-19 positive

A bedridden Nagawara resident with almost no outside contact in the past two weeks has tested positive for Covid-19, a case that has puzzled BBMP officials.
The 34-year-old man suffers from tuberculosis and before being tested, he had not moved out of his home. His mother used to bring him food from the sister’s place. Both women have tested negative for coronavirus, and it’s not clear how the man became infected.

“The man had not moved out of his house because of health problems, so the chances of him getting infected were very low. How he contracted the virus is a mystery,” said Pallavi KR, BBMP joint commissioner (east).
The man is a resident of KG Halli Colony in Nagawara, which was declared a containment zone on Wednesday after his test report confirmed Covid-19. There are 19 wards with containment zones in Bengaluru.
“The man had been using a common toilet in the locality and that might be the source of the infection,” a health official said.

The patient’s mother and sister were employed in a garment factory nearby and went to work even during the lockdown. “Initially, we thought he picked up the infection from his mother or sister, but the two women tested negative. The sister’s child also tested negative. The three are the man’s primary contacts,” Pallavi said. “Fifty secondary contacts have been asked to be in home quarantine.”
BBMP has issued a notice to the garment unit which didn’t suspend operations during the lockdown. “The owner has been served with a notice. As we don’t know who is infected and is asymptomatic, we have asked all 34 employees to self-isolate,” the health official said.

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