BBMP to give TDR three times the value of land for road widening

BBMP commissioners plan to give TDR three times the value of land for road widening suggested the proposal.

At a council meeting on Friday at the Kempegowda civic auditorium, the workforce was moving as TDR was delayed. The policy members urged the parties to forget the issue immediately.

Responding, the commissioner said, “BMRCL is offering twice as much cash compensation to the land acquired by Metro. People want that too. As such, people do not agree with the TDR solution. Also, the complexity of the TDR distribution process is diminishing, ”he explained.

” TDR cannot be issued by force. They have to come forward to get the TDR. Against this backdrop, a meeting chaired by the Chief Secretaries of State Governments last April discussed the steps to be taken to attract employers to the TDR solution. The present landlord is offering twice as much TDR. The secretaries have suggested to submit a proposal to triple this. Instead of acquiring 1000 sq.ft., it is expected to provide a TDR solution of 3000 sq.ft.

“TDR will be issued within a time frame for those who have given up land for the Bannerghatta Road, Sarjapur and Begur Road widening. The offices will be opened on the respective roads and the landlord will be transferred there. Form-2 will be published in one week with the details of the employer who consents to the TDR solution. These files will then be submitted to the BDA and TDR certificates will be delivered to the doorstep of the people, ”he said.

The legislator Satish Reddy, who first proposed the road widening in the name of road widening , said, “Bannerghatta road widening works have not been completed for two years. 50-60 crores in the name of work. Has been robbed. People are willing to get a TDR solution. But officials are counting on the issuance of TDR. ”

“The 7.4 km long Bannerghatta Road from JD Marn Junction to Poultry Farm Gate will be widened to 150 feet by Rs 210 crore. The cost is being paid. Earlier, it was leased for Rs 150 crore. Currently, an additional Rs 60 crore has been approved for payment to contractors. The Saviors road is not built here. Old sewers are being repaired and damaged. Traffic jam is caused by slow traffic and people are clamoring for it, ”he said.

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