BBMP to collect garbage only from homes

The BBMP has decided to collect and dispose of raw waste in order to find a lasting solution to the garbage problem that is haunting the capital. But, this system is not the same as Sec. 1 have doubts about enforcement.

The BBMP abolished the waste disposal leasing system in 2016 and was managed by the department itself. However, the tenders were invited to collect and dispose of raw waste in 168 wards as the garbage problem was not addressed. A disposal dispute involving 30 wards is in court.

“The trash disposal tender process will be completed by the end of July and the contractors will be commissioned in August. Sec. From 1 onwards, the system of collecting only trash from home will be implemented. Those who do not sort garbage will be penalized, ”said Mayor Gangambike and Commissioner N. Manjunatha Prasad. However, the process of finalizing the tender is creepy. There are no signs of leasing from 1.

Tenders were called for collecting and disposing of garbage in 168 wards out of BBMP’s 198 wards. The bid was submitted to the remaining 167 wards, excluding the Divine Life Hall ward. A total of 569 contractors submitted bids. Of these, 440 bidders are technically eligible. It was decided to award a maximum of 5 Wards of Disposal Tender to a contractor. Likewise, only two contractors have leased five wards of garbage.

Approval not accepted for tender

3 crore as per rules. Standing Committee for Inner Tender, Rs. The above tenders need to be approved by the council. Accordingly, the officials of the Solid Waste Management Division have finalized the tender procedure for the 101 wards and sent it to the Public Health Standing Committee for approval. The files were forwarded to the committee’s office a week ago. However, there have been allegations that the Public Health Standing Committee has convened a meeting to review the tender files and count them for approval. This will delay the completion of the tender process and issue the contract letter to the contractors.

The Standing Committee Officers argue that only 70 wards of files from the Solid Waste Management Division have been approved and approved. But, what the authorities are saying is different. Files relating to 101 wards were sent out a week ago and have not yet been approved. Officials say that once approved by the committee, it will be delayed to complete the process, including contracting with contractors.

39% lower entry

” Contractors have bid less than the amount of waste disposal of certain wards. Thus, the tender process for those wards has not been finalized. And some are not eligible for the technical bid. Therefore, it is decided to re-tender the garbage disposal of some wards, ”an official said.

“Once approved by the committee, we have to make an agreement with the contractors. Then they should check out the attending compactor, Auto Tipper. Whether the GPS is installed and the driver’s license is finally checked. This requires a lot of time. If the committee delays approving the tender files, Sec. The garbage collection system will not be implemented from 1, ” he said.

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