BBMP plans to stop plastic bag supplies from other states at toll plazas

While the BBMP continues its drive against the use of plastic bags, it wants to cut off the supply of plastic bags and covers from neighbouring states. A large amount of plastics bags manufactured in neighbouring states finds its way into the city and the BBMP is planning different ways to ensure that the supply is stopped.

A senior BBMP officer said, “We are planning to strike at the root of the problem and during our recent raids, we found that the plastic bags were not only manufactured in the city or other parts of the state, but were coming in from neighbouring states like Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Now, this will be a challenging task to ensure that the supply is stopped.” He said, “We are planning to take the help of the city police and toll officials to stop the supply at toll plazas. We will discuss the matter with the police department and toll plaza officials and take their advice on stopping this menace. We are planning to ask the toll officials to keep an eye on vehicles carrying plastic bags and covers and on spotting any such vehicle, they can inform the nearest police station and also the BBMP officials, who will seize the goods, and the police can seize the vehicle.”

Another officer said that they are already discussing ways to stop the manufacture of plastic bags within the state.

“Every time we have tried to enforce the ban on plastic bags, we have failed and only half attempts have been made. But this time, we will strike at right places and ensure that there are no plastic covers,” he said.

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