BBMP decision to install air purification plant at 500 junctions

BBMP, the leading air pollution control firm in the capital, has decided to install air purifiers at 500 junctions. The decision was made at a policy council meeting on Wednesday.

A Tech Tron Company in the Hudson Circle On April 28, an air purifier was installed, which allowed pollution control. In this backdrop, the council unanimously decided to allow the same company to install the machines at 500 junctions where traffic is high.

The cost of installing an air purifier is not cost-effective. Instead, A Tech Tron Company will be deploying machines using the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) fund. However, commercial advertising is not allowed. The company has already identified its pollution levels.

In many parts of the city, the amount of dust particles floating in the air is off limits. Metro, sewer, building, road development and other works have increased the amount of dust and breathability.

” The air purifier absorbs all the dust, particulate matter in the atmosphere and emits clean air. At six stage the air is drained. Each filter filters out pollutants step by step. At last the pure air comes out of the bottom of the machine, ”said Rajeev Krishna, founder of A Tech Tron.

“One and a half kg of dust collected in the machine was collected twice and sent to the laboratory. There was an increase in the amount of PM10 and PM2.5. The machine absorbs and purifies 3500 cubic air per minute. There will be no noise pollution from this machine, ” he said.

” The machines will be installed a month later. 10 companies have already requested CSR funding. The goal is to install the machines in a year. The cost of the machine is Rs 2 lakh. 10 lakh to Rs. There is, ” he informed.

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