BBMP collects data on buildings near high tension lines

After a spate of fatal accidents involving power lines in the city, the BBMP has issued a circular that asks officials to identify spots in the city where 65KV lines and other high tension lines are passing dangerously close to buildings.

It directs officials to immediately stop construction activities that are slose to power lines until inspected and approved by the officials. The directive comes after the Mayor Gangambike Mallikarjun and other officials visited spots where the high tension lines passed within reach of buildings.

“We have sent the circular to all the officers across the seven zones of the city. The details of the houses or buildings located close to high tension lines should be provided to us and along with the BESCOM and KPTCL officials will examine the place and take suitable precautionary measures to ensure that no untoward incident takes place,” a BBMP officer added.

A meeting will be convened soon between officials of the BESCOM and KPTCL to discuss safety measures in vulnerable areas. The norms for building owners will be fixed within next week. There is also a proposal by the KPTCL that would see all high tension wires in the city placed underground but this would require further discussion and planning amongst the BBMP, BESCOM and KPTCL.

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