BBMP Bureau of Inquiry: Rs 30.55 Lakh Loss

The BBMP Commissioner has sanctioned Rs 30.55 lakh from illegal mining while granting permission to the company. The deterioration was detected in a special investigation conducted by the Chief Auditors’ Office. Investigations have been found to be illegal in the licensing process given to companies in the year 2017-18. Officials have been found guilty of examining the accounts of all the health officials.

Officers have issued a single check number in various receipts and granted different business licenses. In some cases, a single check number has been issued for two licensing licenses and renewal for renewal. In some cases, there were only one check number in the fourteen receipts. The BBMP has Rs 23,39,720 for this. Loss. The same checks have been adjusted to several business licensing amounts in the office of some other healthcare officials. That is, the different ward on the same checks, the name of the different persons, has been licensed by the company. This is an unlawful process in the auditors’ report.

In some offices, the passbook was found illegal. The check details used when entering a business license are not mentioned in the passbook. It is guaranteed to get money from these checks but it does not have any information on the passbook. In some offices again the check is not cashed. But similar checks have been found to be lying on the passbook. The BBMP has Rs 7,15,890 as it has been written in the wrong accounts.

A total of 28 audit offices have been examined by auditors. The audit report was submitted to the BBMP Commissioner while the officials were found guilty.

The 42,400 business license is granted and renewed from the office of the Department of Health Officers in 2017-18. SoftCopy has been audited by the Information Technology Office for auditing in a short period of time.

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