BBMP Accountant Govindaraju suspended

The government has suspended BBMP chief accountant Dr Govind Raj after the BBMP’s preliminary inquiry came to light in the wake of the BBMP’s preliminary investigation into the payment of bills amounting to Rs 680 crore.

In the wake of complaints of violating the rules for the release of money to contractors following the release of seniority rules, the chief executive officer of the outgoing COO Govindaraj was released from the BBMP service and sent back to the state government’s finance department.

In addition, the Chief Accountant was ordered to investigate the breach of seniority and illegal release of money. According to the preliminary investigation, it has been found that all the files in the office of the Chief Accountant have been confiscated and illegally released.

N Manjunatha Prasad, the Commissioner of the BBMP, wrote a 64-page letter to the Economic Department of the Government during his tenure as an Accountant in the BBMP. 680 crore. The preliminary investigation found that the payment had been made. He was thus recommended by the department to conduct a departmental investigation against him.

The suspension order: Based on the letter of the BBMP Commissioner, J. Shashidhar, the Under Secretary of the Department of the Economy, said that Dr. Govinda Raj has been ordered by him. It is also ordered not to leave the center without departmental permission.

The list of shortcomings found in the preliminary investigation:
1. Annual Maintenance of Roads Accrued Escrow Account Rs 21.38 crore Release.
2. State Finance Commission grant for BBMP works is Rs. 133 crores. Release.
3. Rs. 12.26 crore of capital support scheme for the Government’s special infrastructure for the work undertaken by BBMP Release.
4. 87.98 crores illegally offline. Release.
5. Rs 4.39 crore to BBMP due to misconception about GST Loss.
6. 141 crores of Finance Commission Rs. Temporary diversion of grants.

The BBMP has taken many steps to bring about financial discipline. The Chief Accountant was found to have released the money in violation of the rules. On the following day the entire office staff will be transferred to a different division and assigned to a different officer, said Manjunath Prasad.

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