Ban RSS, Bajrang Dal if you have guts: Bhat challenges HDK


“If he has guts let him ban RSS and Bajrang Dal, the organizations, which promote discipline and patriotism,” said RSS leader Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat challenging the statement given by former chief minister H D Kumaraswamy.

Prabhakar Bhat paid a visit to Chennayya Gurupeeta of the town. During this visit, he reacted to the statement given by Kumaraswamy asking to ban RSS and Bajrang Dal organizations.

Bhat further said, “Since 1947 RSS is the protector of Hindu society. However, many political opponents tried to finish it. They banned RSS blaming it for Mahatma Gandhi’s murder. But RSS rose again due to the support of people and has been working for the development of Hindus in the country.

“It has to be noted the RSS never kept faith on violence. To understand this, one needs to read the history of RSS. Let them ban RSS and Bajrang Dal, who instil discipline and promote patriotism, if they have got guts.

“Christians and Muslim of western views. Due to this naxals are being used to attack us. Our girls are being kidnapped and taken to other countries. Cows are being slaughtered. RSS is fighting to stop this and protect the Hindu society.

“We are fighting to prevent conversion and also to implement ban on cow slaughter, which were proposed by Gandhiji. But the Gandhis of modern day are cheaters and duplicates. Former CM Siddaramaiah had said that he will eat beef in circle. No one, including Congress are following the words of Gandhiji. Only RSS is following the ideals of Gandhiji.

“PFI is getting funds from overseas since many years. Because of the money power they are conducting atrocities. This should be curtailed. To suppress things like this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was born. Modi is taking all steps to prevent violence.

“Dr Ambedkar is a great human being, who had national view. That is why in every camp of RSS debates are being held on the ideals of Dr Ambedkar. His vision is inspiration to all,” he said.

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