Bamboo Society steps in to help find takers of dried up bamboo

With the Horticulture Department struggling to find contractors to cut the dry and dead bamboo trees in Cubbon Park, the Bamboo Society of India has stepped in to help the department derive the best results from these trees. These trees have been giving the Horticulture Department and the police sleepless nights as they have to constantly monitor these clumps to make sure no one sets them on fire as it will result in the entire park catching a fire.

Deputy director of the Horticulture Department, Cubbon Park, G Kusuma told that the last contractor ran away, leaving the job half done. He did not even clear the area of the bamboo trees that were cut down. “The department is struggling to protect dead bamboo trees and find labourers to axe the clumps. They are leaving no stone unturned to find a contractor or company to remove and take these clumps,” she said.

V Sundar Naik from Bamboo Society of India said that the society was willing to help them find companies and people who use bamboo. He said that dried bamboo was very useful in making poles, furniture and barricades. He said that the society would also help the department find assistance to uproot the clumps, which is a major challenge. He said that since dry bamboo was inflammable, decisions needed to be taken at the earliest.

Meanwhile, the department has floated a tender of Rs 9 lakh to find labourers and clear the area. The department has calculated that it will cost Rs 750 per day for 45 labourers. So far 85 clumps have been removed and 90 more need to be attended to.

The department has found that new bamboo shoots have started growing in five clumps. These clumps are near the sewage treatment plant side of Cubbon Park and other places, where water and sunlight are in abundance and there is less human interference.The department has also requested experts and citizens to come forward in clearing the clumps and utilising the dry bamboo.

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