Avanturaa aims to sell over 200 chopper bikes in launch year


Avanturaa Choppers, India’s first chopper motorcycle manufacturer, aims to sell about 200 units within a year of launch, as the vibrant start-up sees good potential for the bikes in India.Putting in almost a decade in research and development, Avanturaa Choppers has launched the motorcycles in India this August, opening its first showroom in Bengaluru, a destination regarded as home for finest biking tradition. Delhi and Hyderabad are the next cities where Avanturaa choppers will launch its showrooms.

“Till now, no one manufactured chopper bikes in India, though there were bike connoisseurs who wanted to own a chopper motorcycle. So, chopper motorcycles were either imported or a biker used to buy a regular motorcycle and modify it. But when you modify a bike, it is not legally fit to drive on roads. Here we saw a scope for chopper bikes manufactured in India for Indian conditions. After working components, design, technical and legal compliances for about 10 years, we finally got Automotive Research Association of India’s certification recently. We launched our first showroom in Bengaluru, we aim to be present in five cities within a year,” said Amitabh Biswas, founding partner and chief marketing officer, Avanturaa Choppers.

Avanturaa is self-funded and the founders have put in about Rs 20 crore till now. Right now, the company has two models, Rudra and Pravega, which can be personalised according to buyers’ preferences. As the components are imported, price is dependent on USD rate, and the current price of these chopper bikes, approximately, is about Rs 21 lakh. The company is following a dealership model to launch showrooms. Its production facility has a present capacity to produce about 250 units, with a scope to scale up to 400 per year.

“Keeping in view the number of serious bike riders and biking clubs in India, we are confident of selling about 200 units in the first year,” said Biswas.

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