Attack on RSS activist: Sadiq reveals discussions


Sadiq alias Sound Sadiq, who happens to be the main accused in the murder attempt on Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) activist Varun, told the police in a statement that he and his friends had arrived in front of the town hall from near the Jamia Masjid at Munireddypalya on the morning of December 22. He stated that they discussed in front of the town hall about the need to kill someone.

In the voluntary affidavit given by the accused that is submitted to the court, Sadiq said he has been associated with SDPI party since the last six to seven years, and that he has been working for that party during elections. He confessed that he used to hire microphones for the party programmes, as a result of which he earned the nickname, Sound Sadiq. “A number of protests were being held after Citizenship Amendment Act was implemented. I noticed that it was detrimental to the interests of Muslims. The party took the decision to fight strongly against CAA. It was announced that those who stand in favour of CAA are the ones who hate Islam and oppose Muslims,” Sadiq mentioned in the statement, as per records submitted to the court by the police.

A leader of the organization sent message to Sadiq informing that if any one of the RSS or BJP leaders who gather in front of the town hall in favour of CAA is murdered, it will benefit Islam religion. After that Sadiq and others held discussions about the murder near the town hall. On this occasion, number plates of some bikes were defaced with black paint. Sadiq and others then went to Dharmaraya Road, Poornima talkies road and arrived at town hall again. They wanted to attack someone. They saw Varun, who was found distributing water at the programme. He started back to his home by his two-wheeler after sometime. Sadiq and his friends followed him. “We returned after the man wearing saffron Kurta fell down in a pool of blood,” Sadiq stated, as per the information provided by the police to the court.

The police are trying to find whether those who attacked Varun had any connection with RSS worker, Rudresh’s murder. That murder had happened at Shivajinagar here in 2016. It is said that the statements made by the accused and documents submitted in the court do not have any mention of Tejasvi Surya and Chakravarthi Sulibele.

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