As CEO Nadella immediately put his mark on Microsoft: Gates

“In the future, an AI agent will know that you are at work and have ten minutes free and then help you accomplish something that is high on your to-do list. AI is on the verge of making our lives more productive and creative,” Gates said.

Innovation will improve many other areas of life too, he argued.

“It’s the biggest piece of my work with the Gates Foundation, which is focused on reducing the world’s worst inequities,” he said, adding that digital tracking tools and genetic sequencing are helping get achingly close to eradicating polio, which would be just the second human disease ever wiped out.

Gates says Nadella has charted a course for making the most of the opportunities created by technology while also facing up to the hard questions.

“And he offers his own fascinating personal story, more literary quotations than you might expect, and even a few lessons from his beloved game of cricket. We should all be optimistic about what’s to come. The world is getting better, and progress is coming faster than ever,” Gates wrote. (PTI)


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