Arjun Kapoor’s dedication to work while filming India’s most wanted will put all workaholics to shame!

Arjun Kapoor is all set with his upcoming movie India’s Most Wanted. This is the first action-thriller that Kapoor will be headlining as a lead. The project is something that Kapoor has never really attempted before. However, the actor is going to dip his hands in new territory as he plays an undercover agent, Prabhat Kapoor in the Rajkumar Gupta’s directorial. The movie heavily relies on content as the narrative revolves around 5 agents going on a mission to track a terrorist and arrest him without firing even one bullet. The story is inspired by the real-life event of Indian Mujahideen (IM) terrorist Abdul Subhan Qureshi’s arrest in January 2018.

Recently, film director Rajkumar Gupta, whose last movie Raid was a success at the box office, and Arjun Kapoor sat down for an exclusive conversation with BollywoodLife. As they sat down with us, they took us through the journey of the making of the movie. Rajkumar and Arjun were at their candid best when they revisited the filming days. During the conversation, they happened to tell us about Arjun’s sheer dedication for the movie. Rajkumar mentioned the time when the actor not needed in a sequence but he still managed to squeeze time out of his busy schedule to act along with the other actor who was to shoot his own part.

Filmmaker Rajkumar Gupta said, “He was sitting in the hotel room and giving cues to another actor. This I was not aware of. This shows how committed he is as an actor.”

Well, that is indeed some kind of dedication. The actor’s last movie was Namastey London wherein we saw him being paired opposite his debut heroine Parineeti Chopra.

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