Aritificial Intelligence is a new era in digital technology

Vaishnavi K V

“Data is the new oil, whereas digital is the new currency.” Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) kick starts their CII-AI Application and DiGi-Tech Summit and Expo regarding “Shifting to Applied Intelligence” on Tuesday at Hotel Lalit Ashok, Bengaluru.

Delegates from various IT-Bt hubs were present on the dais where diverse information about Artificial Intelligence was bombarded at the event.

Sameer Dhanrajani, the Chief Executive Officer at AIQRATE spoke about the algorithm problems where he said that the three major things are very important in AI such as Augment Intelligence, Automate learning and Incorporation behaviour. He gave a lot of examples from digital marketing and how other country’s SEO and keywords are set while creating a website. He gave various examples as an ice-cream parlour using jingles to attract the crowd, a weird siren in the US while people crossing road during the wrong signal, and how brands can be identified in any of the events, programs or competition. These unique ideas were successful.

Dhanrajani produced a case study where Japanese engineer, Makoto Koike helped his parents who were harvesting five types of cucumber. He helped them increase the growth and market of the cucumber by analyzing data analytics. He was able to achieve this enormous increase by just using $35.

Speaking at the CII-AI conference Prashnat Kumar Mishra, IAS, Director at IT-BT and Managing Director, Govt of Karnataka said that “Government is unaware of the technical stuffs like Artificial Intelligence, but however we always try to embrace new technologies, and learning about AI takes time to every individual.” He also said that the government is always eager to support new innovations and implementations.

“Shortly after the Supreme Court ruling on the Ayodhya issue, law enforcement agencies started to go through twitter to spot keywords such as dispute, violence and crime, because there was much apprehension that the judgment would trigger violence. The objective was to geo-locate where such tweets were emanating from,” he added regarding development of AI in Bengaluru.

Mr Sunil Gopinath, Chief Executive officer at Rakuten said that they are in the verge of bringing up 5G network across the globe which can be use anywhere in the world. He said that the automated things become cheaper and will be easily available to people from all sectors.

Experts gathered at the conference on Artificial Intelligence (AI) said 65% of the global Gross domestic product will be digitised soon and it will grow at 3% to 5% a year.

“Cloud computing that allows data democratization and analysis, smart phones that enable users to stream and consume data are also part of technological trends about the upcoming wave, AI” said Ramankumar Naryan, VP and Managing Site Director R&D at VMware Software.

The event had various speakers who held panel discussion sessions with various IT-BT companies. Krishnakumar Natarajan, Chairperson at AI Application & DiGi-Tech Summit and Expo 2020, Ravi Raghavan, Managing Director at CII, Arvind Tiwary, Chairman at IoT Forum, Hasit Trivedi, Global Head at AI, Mukesh Jain, CTO at Capgemini were present at the venue.

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