Ariel India achieves a Guinness World Records certificate for ‘Largest Laundry Lesson’


In a historic celebration of the culmination of their latest campaign Sons #ShareTheLoad, Ariel India attempted and achieved a Guinness World Records certificate by imparting the largest laundry lesson to sons of today, so that they can grow up to be equal partners tomorrow.

Joining the movement was leading Bollywood star, actor, husband and dad par excellence – Anil Kapoor who led by example and encouraged the participants. Ariel launched the 3rd edition of their #ShareTheLoad movement earlier this year, urging the current generation to raise their sons like they have been raising their daughters, so that the next generation can lead more equal lives.

Supporting that thought, celeb mom Mandira Bedi joined the largest laundry lesson to impart the required skills to young men and pledged to raise her son with the values to #ShareTheLoad. For the record, 400 sons came forward to show solidarity towards the cause by learning how to do laundry, because with Ariel laundry is the simplest chore to start sharing the load with. Ariel¬† has been unearthing the reality of inequality within households since 2015, and with their 2019 campaign Sons #ShareTheLoad Ariel raised a pertinent question, “Are we teaching our sons what we are teaching our daughters.”

Ariel believes that one of the prime factors for the existing household inequality is that the sons of today are not taught to, and not equipped to share the load at home. It is the sons of today who will become partners of tomorrow and it’s crucial that they are also taught household chores like laundry, cooking, etc. so that we are equipped to progress towards a more balanced and equal society.

Ariel continues to have this conversation by making laundry the face of the movement against inequality within households. The Sons #ShareTheLoad Movement, initiated on January 24, 2019, has garnered 73MM views nationally.  (ANI)

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