Are You a Beach Person or a Mountain Person?

Where ever you travel, the beach or the mountain, It says a lot about your personality.
Who are you as a person and what are the traits you carry.

When you stand on top of a chill/cold mountain or when the sea waves touch your toes on a dry summer day. What is the first thought that comes across your mind?

To some, travelling if about making memories. It’s about the destination.

To many, travelling is about finding yourself. Rediscovering yourself.

To some, it can be a process to heal the wounds on the inside.

To many, it can be to take a break from your hectic life.

How to know if you’re a beach person or Mountain person?

This test is according to a study/survey conducted with different people who like to travel or have been traveling for a while.


If you’re a beach person:

  • You’re an extrovert. You like to meet new people and gel with them easily. For you, relaxing is to have a lot of people having fun around you.
  • You consider yourself as the entertainer. You like the attention that people give you. There is no dull moment in whatever you do.
  • You’re a talker. You love to have conversations. Anywhere and anytime, you’ll love a conversation. Especially, if the person has similar interests as you.
  • You have a very friendly nature. You are upbeat. And make friends easily wherever you go. People get attracted to the fun vibes that comes from within you.
  • You’re adventurous. You are ready to face any challenge that comes your way. You like by the quote: “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all”
  • You’re a go-getter. You’re restless. You like to share ideas and know what other people think about it.

If you’re mountain person:

  • You’re an introvert. You’re a thinker. You like to talk about deeper things in life. You are generally reserved. You are calm and keep your heal cool most of the time.
  • You’re more of a creative person. You can find beauty in the simplest of things that you find or do.
  • You’re an amazing listener. You like to observe things and listen to other people and their stories rather than just share yours.
  • You like your space. You love peace around you. You would prefer on a mountain top and enjoy the view on your own rather than having parties anytime.
  • You love nature. You’d like to spend your time between nature than spending times in pubs or bars. You believe in living in the moment and doing one thing at a time.
  • You’re more into things like writing or painting or listening to soft music most of the time. You like to keep your ideas to yourself. Figure out everything out first and then tell the people.

In the end, it’s all about doing that that makes you happy and healthy.  Irrespective of being a beach or a mountain person, travelling is one of the best ways to keep your life in check and to remove the stress build up in your mind and body.

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