Are Nargis and Uday getting married?


Nargis Fakhri made her way to Mumbai a couple of days back and was spotted arriving and chilling at ex boyfriend Uday Chopra’s house. As soon as this news came out, rumours started doing the rounds that the ex couple have put aside their differences and have reconciled. Reports even suggested they were planning to move in together and get married in 2018. However, looks like that is not the case! Nargis’ spokesperson denied all these rumours and told Mumbai Mirror that the actress will continue staying in America. As the spokesperson mentioned, “Nargis is in Mumbai for a brief period only and has meetings lined up with a music label for her upcoming single with American rapper-singer, Snoop Dogg. There will be several other meetings for upcoming projects as well. Nargis is presently based out of New York and not Mumbai.”

A source close to the ex couple even mentioned to the tabloid that Nargis and Uday aren’t together anymore and hence, the reports of them planning to live in together are absolutely baseless. As the source added, “Nargis meets Uday whenever she is in Mumbai but they are not together anymore. After meeting with the Chopras, she went to a slumber party with her girlfriends, Alliaa Al Rufai, Smita Lasrado and Sanjana Sippy, who are also in Mumbai for work. The girls binged on continental delights and wine. In the morning, Nargis left for a television shoot at a suburban studio. She heads back to New York by the end of the week.”

Nargis and Uday have been in an on-off relationship since a couple of years now. However, last year, just before the release of Housefull 3 and Banjo, the duo broke up and the actress was heartbroken. She flew to America overnight. Though she mentioned that she left the country for health reasons, sources close to the couple suggested that she broke down after the split with Chopra.


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