Are dustbins making a comeback in the city?


Is the humble dustbin making a comeback in the city? Removed some years ago after the BBMP introduced door- to- door garbage collection, it appears the dustbins could be re-installed on the new Mayor’s orders.

Ms Gangambike Mallikarjun, who did a tour of the city after taking over as Mayor recently,  found  garbage dumped at street corners and asked the officials present for an explanation.  Some residents admitted that they were  dumping the garbage on the roadsides as they had to go to work and could not wait for the pourakarmikas, who came much later, to come and collect it at their doorsteps every day.

The people also said they could not keep the rubbish bags near their gates for the garbage vehicle to collect as stray dogs could tear them apart and litter the place.

Responding, the Mayor asked the officials concerned to look into the issue and find  a solution by either asking the pourakarmikas to report for work early or reinstalling the dustbins.

A senior BBMP officer admits the city needs dustbins to stop people from dumping their garbage on the streets. “We will discuss the issue with the Mayor and other officers and also suggest it at the BBMP council meeting. If the idea is approved, we will call for tenders to re-install the dustbins and take the process forward,” he assures, adding that  the type and size of the bin will have to be decided before they are reinstalled.


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