Apartments switch to rain water harvesting

The Green Glen Project in Bellandur has launched a water conservation campaign through rain water harvesting during a famine in the city . There is no Kaveri water connection in Green Glen. For many years, the apartments here used house borewells. With groundwater levels now declining, the residents of the apartment water through rainwater harvesting.

In the days of heavy rains, 3 to 4 thousand liters of water is stored in each apartment. There was a water problem in the countryside five years ago. When the problem escalated, every apartment organization took a decision to adopt rainwater harvesting. Residents of Parizatha Apartment buy 90 private tankers of water every month. Tanker numbers have dropped to 40-60 after rain water harvesting was adopted.

The residents of this apartment have been paid a total of Rs. 2 lakhs for rain water harvesting. Have spent. This year 3.5-4 lakh liters of water has been stored. A water use calculation system has also been introduced to save water. ” The 71-storey apartment has been using rainwater harvested water for the past four and a half years. Harvesting is arranged in 1 lakh sq. Ft. In the terrace. With the 7 pipes installed here, the water goes down and purifies the 3.5 lakh liter capacity sump. The rest of the water drops into a well built for groundwater recovery. This is replenishing the groundwater, ”explained resident Pramod Kumar.

It is recommended to use less water with a meter per flat. Previously the consumption of 50 thousand liters per day was reduced to 38 thousand liters. 73,000 in Malibu Palau Apartment Rainwater harvesting at the expense of 12,000 liters of rain water on May 14 One of the two filters installed in the harvesting system is a bore well that replenishes water to another sump.

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