Apartment owners approached by unauthorised vendors


‘They claim to be authorised by civic body to provide waste management services’

Over the past few weeks, several apartments in the city have been approached by certain vendors who are claiming to be authorised by the Bruhat Bengaluru MahanagaraPalike (BBMP) to provide waste management services.

These vendors claim to be empanelled by the civic body to provide services to bulk waste generators, including apartment complexes and tech parks, and have even been producing “recommendation letters” by local councillors.

According to a resident of an apartment at Puttenahalli, the condition of anonymity, these vendors were quoting low rates and even trying to convince the residents to do away with in situ composting.

“The BBMP has clearly stated that the bulk generators have to compost the wet waste in situ and tie up with the empanelled vendors for the other streams of waste, such as sanitary, dry, and rejects. When we were approached by one such vendor, we sensed something amiss. When we checked, we found that the particular vendor is not authorised to offer waste-management services,” the resident said.

A few apartment complexes in the city have brought this issue to the notice of Bangalore Apartments’ Federation (BAF). The federation has now sent a representation apprising the civic body about the development.

Confirming this, VikramRai, BAF treasurer and lead of the SWM Focus Group, pointed out that in some instances, even the ward-level health inspectors have been accompanying the vendors to apartments.

‘Who authorised them?’

“We have sought to know from the BBMP who is authorised to issue recommendation letters to the vendors. If the health inspectors are not authorised to do so, what action will be initiated against them,” he said.

He also said the BBMP must make public the list of empanelled vendors.

“Currently, the list on the BBMP’s website is at least four years old. Unless the information is made public, people are likely to be cheated by such unscrupulous vendors, who claim to be authorised service providers by the BBMP,” he said.

BBMP’s Special Commissioner D. Randeep said that with the election code of conduct in place, the civic body has not renewed empanelling of the vendors.

“The applications for renewal of the empanelling are being reviewed and scrutinised by the Technical Guidance Committee,” he said.

He added that once the process it complete, the BBMP would issue an official letter to the empanelled vendors about the fee charged, and the type of waste they are authorised to collect. He also stated that the no official in the BBMP’s public health department has the authority to issue “recommendation letters”. “We have already met with the health officials and apprised them of this. If anybody is found to have issued such letters or have accompanied these unauthorised vendors to apartments, we will initiate strict action against them,” he added.

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