Anisha Victor on social media trolling: I have had sleepless nights, I have cried, but you have to make yourself stronger

Goldie Behl has taken up the issue of bullying in his latest web series – a ZEE5 Original high-school musical REJCTX, which he has also directed and co-produced. The filmmaker has expertly portrayed the various subjects that teenagers often deal with – things like gender fluidity, porn addiction, dysfunctional families, etc.

Speaking about bullying, Anisha Victor, who essays one of the lead characters Kiara Tiwary, tells us that she went through something similar growing up.

“Yeah I am an Army kid, so I have moved around a lot. I was the new kid every two years, I was bullied a lot. Kids are really mean sometimes in school, especially if you are a newcomer. They already have a group and you are the new person. Even on Instagram, there is so much of hatred everywhere for no reason. People just have to say mean things, I don’t understand why it doesn’t add up. If you cannot say anything nice, don’t be mean, don’t bully. Not only for my pictures, when I check other celebrities’ photos, I see comments and people are so mean sometimes. With more exposure, you only get more prone to this kind of bullying,” answers Anisha when asked about having to deal with hatred on social media or at any point in life.

What is your mechanism of dealing with trolls, especially now that you are a public figure? Anisha replies, “Yeah, we are susceptible to criticism more than ever now. But I don’t let it get to me easily. I have been vulnerable, I have had sleepless nights, I have cried. But you have to make yourself stronger and understand that these are just trolls. These people don’t have the guts to say things to your face, they don’t even have a proper profile. If you let it get to you, it only gives them the importance and empowers them. So I avoid that. You can always delete these comments. I don’t let it get to my head.”

On the professional front, Anisha says shooting for the web is more time-bound than cinema. She further explains, “When you are shooting for a film, which usually is 120-150 minutes, you get about two or three months with breaks in between. Here we were shooting 415 minutes of footage in like 55 days, you don’t have time to think. Most of the web series have a start-to-end schedule. On the last day of the shoot, I couldn’t believe that I worked so hard in these two months. I really was surprised because I had quite a bit to shoot, I rarely got breaks or time off. I was very proud of myself on the last day, like what did I just pull off?”

After REJCTX, you can expect to see Anisha in a feature film soon, if things work out and everything goes well.

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