Angelina Jolie returns with all her evilness in the new poster of Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

The makers of Maleficent dropped another poster of the film and boy Angelina Jolie looks soooo good in it. Never in our lives did we see such an intense poster, and trust us, we are not exaggerating. Angelina Jolie steals the show in this one. The poster introduces us to various characters from the film which includes Elle Fanning, returning as Princess Aurora in the film.

Talking about the new poster, Angelina will return to her glorious avatar of Maleficent. Her horned crown is back and her evil side may also return. It’s a bit spooky and makes us eager for the film.

Meanwhile, the actress has penned an essay in the September issue of Elle, talking about how women are opressed whenever they try to fight for gender equality. A snippet from the essay reads, “Women could be accused of witchcraft for having an independent sex life, for speaking their mind on politics or religion, or for dressing differently,” Jolie explains of how women have been treated through history. “Had I lived in earlier times, I could have been burnt at the stake many times over for simply being myself.”

The actress says that the term “wicked” should be used for those women who are still fighting against injustice. “Since time immemorial, women who rebel against what is considered normal by society-even unintentionally-have been labelled as unnatural, weird, wicked, and dangerous. What is surprising is the extent to which this kind of myth and prejudice has persisted throughout the centuries and still colours the world we live in,” Angelina Jolie wrote.

The actor-humanitarian reflected on how often women, who pursue a political career in democratic countries, are described as witches. “Bring together a group of strong women, and before too long someone will brand them a ‘coven’ the technical term, to be clear, for a gathering of witches meeting at night to consort with the devil. Women who stand up for human rights in many countries are still labelled ‘deviant’, ‘bad mothers’, ‘difficult’ or ‘loose’,” she wrote.

Angelina is set to make a solid comeback with Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, which is a sequel to 2014 release, Maleficent. The film is scheduled to hit the screens on October 18.

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