AMR dam water to be released into Thumbe today


Even though factories, industries and businesses in the city have closed down because of lockdown strictures, the water level in Thumbe dam across river Netravati that feeds the city has been depleting. In order to maintain a level of six metres water in Thumbe dam, the district administration has instructed AMR dam to release water from that dam into Thumbe dam on April 15.

As on April 13, the water level at Thumbe dam stood at 4.16 metres. The city corporation plans to maintain a level of six metres in Thumbe dam. It had written to the district administration to ask AMR dam to release water. The district administration accordingly has asked AMR dam to release water on April 15.

As per the city corporation estimate, six metres of water at Thumbe dam will be sufficient to feed the city for 50 days. City corporation believes that water consumption has not gone down in spite of lockdown and closure of hotels and other businesses, as people who stay at home now are consuming more water.

A press release has asked the people living in the catchment area of the river not to venture into the river as the water is planned to be released from the AMR dam at Shambhur at 7 am on April 15 into Thumbe dam.

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