Amazing to see people from civil society pitching in during this crisis: Dia Mirza

The Covid-19 crisis has unified people is what Dia Mirza has observed in the past couple of month. The actor says that despite being such an enormous challenge in a developing nation like India, she is amazed to see the kind of work being put by authorities as well the citizens.

“I have been talking to a lot of doctors, bureaucrats and municipal workers as we have been coordinating a lot with our ward. I think everybody is resolved to fix things, to work together and coordinate with each other. One of the biggest failings that we have had in the way we have governed in my humble opinion is that there has been very little or no coordination between agencies even people within agencies,” she shares.

But the actor is very happy to witness people actually coming together and working together to get solutions.

“This is an extraordinary time and it is amazing to see people from civil society coming forward for help. I am very optimistic. The reality is hard painful and it is impossible for anybody to not to feel pain. I really think it is going to translate into extremely productive action and it is already happening,” says the actor, who is also an UN missionary.

The 38-year-old says coming out of this crisis, many will realize that all the things that they thought were important and they were chasing after are in fact not the things that define them. Rather, the simple things in life are what one really needs.

“I also hope we realize that may be our consumerist approach, may be economies built on conscienceless capitalism is not the real idea of progress. A lot can change if that happens,” she says.

Mirza, who is a champion of environmental and wildlife conservation causes in the country, says in the larger perspective, she hopes that people will take cognizance of the fact that we need to work together to heal and help nature recover.

“It won’t be business as usual. I also think that now more than ever before the sustainable development goals, the Paris agreement will be the road maps for the world to follow. We should be able to heal, recover and progress in a wonderful way,” she says.

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