Alumni transform govt school taking initiative in wall painting


A 35-year-old, government higher primary school located at Shivanagara near Siddakatte, got a new look after old students took up the initiative to brush the school with creative artwork on its wall.

Avinash Badyar, a civil engineer by profession and alumni of the school, who is also inclined towards the artwork, took up the initiative along with 25 other alumni of the school and did artwork in the walls of the school that gave a new look to that school.

The 35-year-old school was in a bad condition. When the alumni visited the school the condition of the school was in a bad condition. As some of the alumni’s had free time, they decided to utilize the time and do artwork on the walls of the school. The artwork was undertaken for a month between September and October.

Avinash said, “The main intention behind the artwork was to recreate memories with the stroke of brush and create many more unforgettable memories. The pillars of the school which had so many old memories is now rejoicing with new memories.”

“It is true that our school gave us beautiful nostalgic moments. A school is a prominent place where knowledge, culture, tradition, dharma and social relationships etc are bestowed. If the school is blissful, then the village is prosperous. So it is the responsibility of our village people and old students to make it even more beautiful and outstanding without any scantiness.

“With all care and affection the project which we have accomplished is not the end. It is just the beginning.

“Due to lot of western influence, people blackout and trail on new western culture forgetting the rich Indian culture. So it is our duty to carry on our vivid culture and traditions to the upcoming generations.

“No matter how many students go to government schools, be it 500 or 50 every student stepping into the school must develop his potential to the fullest. Such infrastructure and environment has to be built in and around the school.

“Since a month we have tried to create an environment around the school which boosts energy and enthusiasm in the young blooming minds. Our only aim was to fill confidence in the little cheerful souls and restore our vibrant culture. Our dream is fulfilled only if a student from the government school lives his life to the fullest with hope and confidence.

“Alumni of the school who are working abroad as well as in India funded us to execute our plan for an artwork on the school wall. Even the locals helped us in doing the art for the school. Art was done pertaining to culture, sports, and education in warli art form,” he said.

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