Allegations of atrocities on farmers, Protest against central government


Agriculture Act of going to New Delhi to protest the farmers of different states, the government alleged that the CPIM, the farmer-labour-Dalit-pro-people organizations, activists staged a protest in the city on Tuesday. The protest march started from the city’s labour hall and ended at the Rotary Circle, passing through the Mahatma Gandhi Circle and the bus station. They then went to the Tahsildar office where they wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

There is opposition throughout the country against the Agricultural Act which favours corporate companies. Thousands of farmers have protested in New Delhi due to the central government’s stubbornness. However, the Central Government has committed CDC atrocities on innocent farmers. They are not allowed to move to Delhi. This is a dictatorial attitude. Extreme lashes. He warned that it would have to pay a fair price in the future.

The Agricultural Act, the Essential Amendment Act, the Electricity Amendment Bill, and the Anti-Labour Code should be withdrawn immediately. Supporting Pricing. The advice of the Swaminathan-led Agriculture Commission should be implemented. Covid has urged all families below the poverty line to be severely affected by the lockdown.

CPIM District Secretary Bhaskar Reddy, President of People’s Organizations Karthik, leader of Maradi Jambaya, MS. Gopala, a. Karunanidhi, Shakuntalamma, K.M. Of a dream, v. Swamy, K.M. Santosh Kumar, Sumangala, Mohan Kumar, H.H. Hanumantha, b. Mahesh, E. Manjunatha, Sivakumara, Ramesh Kumar, Satyamoorthy, Yallamma and Hampamma were present.

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