Alia Bhatt has Ranbir Kapoor on her speed-dial; wants to have 2 kids in the future

Alia Bhatt and Akansha Ranjan have been best friends since their childhood and they are the perfect partners in crime. One can definitely say that they are inseparable as the BFF’s have never left each other’s side during both good and bad times. Needless to say, on Friendship Day, the Raazi actress sent out a sweet wish to her bestie on Instagram which read, “I’ll be there for you. Happy OUR day.” And that was not all. The actress also shared a video on her official Youtube wherein she revealed many deep secrets of Akansha and vice versa. Both Alia and Akansha took up the ‘how well do you know your BFF’ and had lots to say about each other.

Alia Bhatt revealed that she wants to have two kids in the future and also she has boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor’s number on her speed-dial. After playing this fun segment, Alia and Akansha aka Ali and Kanchi got chatty and spilled more beans.

When asked about the things that they dislike each other, Alia quickly retorted, “I don’t like the way she deals with her romantic relationships. She’s very quick to judge. She’s an amazing friend and people should see that side in relationships, too.” Akansha, on the other hand, said, ”Ali radiates a positive vibe, but, over the years, she’s losing her fun side. At times, she takes herself too seriously.” She also revealed how they have only fought once in 25 years.

In a fun trivia game about each other, Akansha opened up about Alia Bhatt’s first-ever boyfriend and revealed, “It was in 6th standard and the boy was Adam. Ali dumped him the moment he left school and moved to another guy.” Further, when asked about the actress’ favourite song and the things Alia always carries, Akansha added, “She listens to what I make her listen to, so, it’s Senorita. Before that, it was Gravity and Lamborghini. And she always carries her phone and earphones.”

Well, well, we now know a lot of things about Alia Bhatt which were not known earlier. On the work front, Alia Bhatt has Brahmastra, RRR, Takht and Inshallah. Her first ever single Prada is all ready to release next week.

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