Aindrita Ray and Diganth Manchale rescue 10 puppies from Bengaluru rain

Actors and couple Aindrita Ray and Diganth Manchale on Friday rescued six puppies from a drain, who were stuck due to the heavy rains in the area. The actress shared videos and pictures of the six puppies who were rescued by her and her husband. In the videos, it is seen that the couple pulled out these six puppies and brought them to a safe place. Once the puppies were rescued, they were seen napping peacefully. However, the actress shared a message urging people to help. Aindrita wrote, “We are fostering 10 puppies at the moment… it’s really scary for them out there… the rains are gonna get worse… they need our help (sic).”

Aindrita had fed four more puppies four days ago and had shared on her social media account urging people to adopt them. Currently all the 10 puppies are in their care. Aindrita had also expressed concern over the Animal Birth Control (ABC) program in Bengaluru, because she sees a lot of stray puppies on the road. The actress says that there is lack of space for the abandoned and new born pups in terms of animal shelters in the city, especially at a time like this when the city is witnessing heavy downpour.

Both Aindrita and Diganth are animal lovers and activist and are pet parents themselves to two dogs- Zed and Vanilla. Both have been vocal about animal rights and have often voiced their opinion on the matter and even urged people to adopt and not shop for pets, especially dogs.

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