Ahead of cap on film tickets, State theatres make a killing with Baahubali 2

Bengaluru: It appears that theatres and multiplexes in Bengaluru are off to make a killing before the State government issues an order regulating ticket prices in the State. The multiplexes are cashing in on the fandom and hype about Baahubali-2, causing the ticket prices to soar in the city.

According to the cinema ticketing website, the minimum price for the tickets in Bengaluru is Rs 400, as compared to Rs 80 to Rs 120 in cities like Chennai and Hyderabad. Though the movie will officially hit screens on Friday, the premier of the movie is scheduled in theatres at major cities on Thursday at 9.45/10 pm.

For instance, at the INOX Lido Mall, M G Road in the city, premiere class tickets are priced at Rs 600, while Gold tickets cost Rs 1,000. The maximum price for a ticket was Rs 1,400, all at PVR Cinemas in Forum Mall and Orion Mall. Surprisingly, the tickets were all sold out by 2 pm on Thursday.

In contrast, as per the same ticketing website, maximum price for the tickets was Rs 300 in Chennai and Rs 200 in Hyderabad.

It can be recalled that the Karnataka State government, in the last budget, had announced a cap on pricing of tickets in the State. However, the order is yet to be issued by the State government. Apart from Bengaluru, moviegoers in other parts of the State too were affected by exorbitant ticket prices.

According to a twitter user Sahoore @junaidahmedh67, “1K is the ticket price for #Baahubali2 Benefit show in Ballari”

Another twitter user Sauri @saisauri tweeted: Rejoice Baahubali fans in Karnataka! Your Baahubali 2 ticket will cost just Rs 2000

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