Additional Commissioner files complaint against tow vehicle crew

Additional Commissioner of Traffic, P. Harishekaran, has filed a complaint complaint Andha Durbar, a tow vehicle crew carrying vehicles parked in a restricted area. On Monday, he first went into action and instructed the Towing staff to warn them not to violate the rules.

Toeing motorists are often outraged in the public sphere for violating the rules, including damaging the towing vehicle and acting indifferently towards the vehicle owner without liability. ‘Vijaya Karnataka’ reported in detail a few days ago that the public’s displeasure and the staff’s omission. In response, additional commissioner of traffic, P. Harishekaran, first went into action on Monday and held a parade of towing crews.

Harishekaran, who conducted a parade of Towing Agency staff at 16 stations, first advised them to be aware of the rules of towing. When towing public vehicles, they must be careful not to damage them. The vehicle owner must be alerted to the number of times the vehicle is mocked 3 times before towing. If the owner of the vehicle shouts at the mic, they should not be towing such vehicles. Khadak has warned that parking in a restricted area can be fined.

“The staff of the towing agencies are not the personnel of the Traffic Police Department. But the improper behavior of staff when operating towing vehicles is a misdemeanor against traffic police. This will depress the morale of our staff. I have convinced all the towing staff to stop this from happening,” Harishekaran said.

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