Aadhaar service center in all wards

You do not have to search for Bangalore One Centers for a change or correction and registration of new details in Aadhaar issued by the Indian Unique Identification Authority (UIDAI). You don’t have to be up early in the long line. The service is available at the BBMP ward offices.

Aadhaar number is the main basis for everything including government privilege. The amendment has caused a huge bump in registration. The Directorate of Electronic Citizen Service Delivery (EDCS), under the Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms, is opening centers in 198 wards in order to alleviate the hardship suffered by the public. Centers have been established in 90 wards since last January. There are 146 Bangalore One centers in Silicon City, of which only 65 are Bangalore Aadhaar registration and correction services.

“The policy provides space for Aadhaar centers in ward offices, Anganwadi centers and schools. Testing for operators and assigning them to registration centers after completing the training. The service has been discontinued due to technical error and unavailability of operators in a couple of wards. If operators repeatedly make mistakes, UIDAI is adding them to the blacklist, ”a Directorate staffer informed.

Aadhaar registration is completely free. People do not have to pay any kind of fee for registration. There is no charge for child biometric update. 50 for every update including name, address and mobile number change. The fee is fixed. Children need to be provided with portrait and biometric information at the age of 6 and 15 years.

UIDAI developed UCL software for Aadhaar data revision. You can get e-Aadhaar by changing name, address, age, gender and mobile number. E-Aadhaar will take five days for portrait and biometric modifiers. It is mandatory to provide supplementary documents for the correction of Aadhaar information.

Update online:

Aadhaar correction can also be done online. Scanned copies of the original documents must be uploaded to supplement this. You can not change your eyelashes, fingerprints or portraits online. For this it is necessary to visit the registration centers.

Aadhaar service centers have been established in 90 wards. The Aadhaar registration center is also opening in 198 wards of the BBMP.

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