Aadhaar Amendment Center demands reopening of grants

Three months after the district administration appealed to the Rural Development and Panchayat Raj department to reopen the Aadhaar correctional center in the village panchayats, the department has not responded.

Last year, the Aadhaar Correctional Center was set up in Bashetilli, Palliyaballapur Taluk, in order to prevent minor flaws in Aadhaar cards from wandering into urban areas. The Aadhaar Correctional Center will be opened in more than 1,000 villages across the state. Rural Development Minister Krishna Biregowda said the Bangalore One model would be facilitated by bus, rail ticket booking, electricity and water bills.

But the Aadhaar amendment did not start in the center of the country for a year. In addition, the Aadhaar Registration Centers functioning in some government offices including Nadakacharyi have also been shut down, creating a situation where the public has to fight for Aadhaar. Most of the people in the district are coming to the Aadhaar registration center at the district office as the Aadhaar registration is only allowed in some bank and post offices.

Hundreds arrived daily from four taluks, but only 30-35 people were allowed to register. Most of the people who come here are amended by name, date of birth and address. Realizing that the public is spending too much time and money on pressure from the staff working here as more and more people are coming to the sheriff’s office, the government has responded in March to the reopening of Aadhaar correctional centers.

From 5th September 2018, Aadhaar correctional centers will be functioning in all the districts of the district. The public benefitted from this. But the Aadhaar Amendment has been blocked by the UIDAI since February 15, 2019, in a letter to the Secretary-General of the Rural Development Department stating that the Aadhaar Correctional Centers should be reopened in the face of a lot of problems and the public’s interest.

The Aadhaar registration centers have been blocked by UIDAI after authorities informed that the Aadhaar registration in the district has reached 100 per cent target. In addition, recently fake Aadhaar cards are being made. Aadhaar centers have been discontinued due to the availability of Aadhaar cards and information that there are more than a few populations. The Aadhaar Correctional Center is a technical problem in the village. Computers in Grapham are outdated and unable to adopt Java software. In addition, the server problem is a big headache. The state government decided to create a Keswan-2 network. However, the timely implementation of this has put the set back of the Aadhaar Correctional Center in the village.
The Aadhaar Amendment Center has been discontinued due to a technical problem. The Keswan-2 network is set up in the near future and the server problem will be resolved later. The Aadhaar amendment would also be possible. – Krishna Bairagauda , The Minister of Rural Development
state government has already taken notice of the reopening of the Aadhaar correctional center in the village . Aadhaar centers have been opened in the district administration, bank and post offices. There is no problem with Aadhaar registration. -Karigowda, Collector

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