A visit to Uttarakhand will soothe your senses and refresh your soul

By Nehal Jain

Uttarakhand offers limitless opportunities for tourism and adventure. It is one of the most preferred places in India for holidaying during winter season. The most known tourist attractions here are Mussoorie, Nanital, Dehradun, Haridwar, and Rishikesh.

These few unknown facts, of the famous tourist attractions will make you want to bag pack immediately.

Nainital is a hill town which enjoys nature’s abundant bounty. The Khurpatal Lake is one of the several inland lakes in and around this place .Khurpa Tal is located in Nanital and is a beautiful lake. The lake is in the shape of cow’s claws. The lake can be seen from a high point. The water is clear and is known as fisherman’s heaven, as one can see fishes all over and is also known for angling activity. The course of the lake is lined with tall trees. According to the localites there, the lake originates from ‘patal’ and thus the name khurpatal came into existence. They also say that the lake changes its color seven times a day. While some believe it to be a miracle as it originates from patal, others believe that it’s pure science.

To support these statements, people gave reasons as to why do they support either of the two statements. It is purely based on science because the water of the lake is crystal clear and thus as the day begins, change in the atmosphere also begins. Thus the lake changes its color. As it originates from patal, someone deep down there is sitting and causing the change is what people there believe. Hence khurpatal color change is yet a mystery.

Nanital Lake is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Nanital and the surroundings enrich the beauty of this place. There is no such history of the Nainital Lake. But the lake is believed to be deep and it supplies water to whole of the Nanital.

Ankita, a tourist shared her experience saying “The boatmen who drew us across the lake said that during the month of December, due to the extreme cold and temperature drop, the lake completely freezes and makes the view even more beautiful. “

The adjoining Naina Devi temple is considered sacred. The sati goddess Naina Devi’s eye is mounted in the temple. Thus the name Nainital came into being. The temple is beautiful and is well maintained. Hence it is a beautiful place to escape the hustle-bustle of the routine life.

Another one such place in Uttarakhand to enjoy the winter season is Mussoorie. Mussoorie is the paradise of beautiful destinations and is one of the most loved tourist destinations. Gun hill here is one such place which is less popular but is bountiful.

Rushali, a bag pack traveler expressed her view and put light on an unknown fact and said that “up the hill, I met this person and I was amazed when he said me that, I was standing on a reservoir built during the British period. The reservoir is so deep that earlier the water was stored here and it was enough for whole of the Mussoorie. But now it is completely dry. This reservoir wasn’t constructed on purpose. Earlier, when British high officials visited this place, the other officers would fire a canon in order to salute their high officials. Later the reservoir was constructed with steps towards inside and now is covered with cement all over”

It’s easier to go down the hill than up, but the view is mesmerizing at top added Rushali.

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