A light-hearted way to spread awareness about PET bottle recycling this Friendship Day : PETBottleSays

New Delhi : With Friendship Day as the occasion, PACE (PET Packaging Association for Clean Environment) had kicked-off a communication campaign to spread awareness about PET bottle recycling and tackling the menace of littering.

A special youth-focused Friendship Day video – #PETBottleSays – was released by PACE, addressing the issues of littering and the need for recycling. It is the first such campaign by PACE using social media and the audio-visual media to reach out to PET bottle users, encouraging them to take steps to keep the environment clean.

#PETBottleSays is a light-hearted take on a serious issue. It features a PET bottle addressing viewers and reminding them about the values that make Friendship Day special – trust, caring, togetherness. With the values as the theme, the PET bottle thanks viewers for trusting the PET bottle and for taking care to recycle them. It also explains how products made of recycled PET bottles come back as different products, signifying the value of togetherness. The overarching message is that each one of us can make a small but important contribution towards a clean environment by ensuring responsible disposal of used PET bottles.

“PET bottles are a vital part of our everyday life. We use products packaged in PET bottles and, most of us don’t realise it, we also products made out of recycled PET. Spreading awareness about PET bottle recycling is important for PACE. However, rather than a documentary on PET bottle recycling, we decided to create a fun video for Friendship Day. It thanks people for responsible disposal of PET bottles and how products made from recycled PET bottles continue to touch our lives every day,” said P.C Joshi, Secretary General at PACE.

PET is a versatile material with various applications and is 100 percent recyclable, with a low carbon footprint as compared with other packaging materials. Responsible disposal of PET bottles is needed to make PET safe and environment friendly.

PET is also one of the most widely used plastics for packaging applications. Apart from being recycled as containers, a great example of PET recycling is the Indian cricket team’s apparel for the 2015 world cup, which was made from recycled PET bottles. Also from being food safe, what makes PET a popular choice is the fact that it is also strong, lightweight, transparent and shatter-resistant. Moreover, PET’s qualities as an effective barrier to carbon dioxide, combined with transparency, makes it one of the most popular choices for packaging of food around the world. 

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