A 10 year old girl becomes a doctor for a day


That 10-year-old girl wants to be a doctor in the future. Unsure of whether or not this desire was fulfilled due to illness, the girl was finally a doctor for a day!

BGS Gleneagles Global Hospitals, Kengeri, in partnership with the Make a Wish Foundation, a voluntary charity that helps to fulfill the dream of poverty-stricken children, allows the girl to become a doctor one day. National Doctors’ Day was typically celebrated there.

When she was 8 months old, Madhushree fell ill with a life-threatening illness. She has been going to the hospital every 20 days for the past ten years. The necessary preparation was made on Monday to make her dream come true. Doctors and staff were warmly welcomed as they arrived at Madhushree Hospital in the morning. A new coat of doctors bearing her name was gifted. After this she spent the whole day with the doctor. The OPD, scanning, etc., visited the department and learned about the work ethic. She has touched a variety of medical equipment wherever she goes. She went with the doctor to the wards and inquired about the health of the patient. She grabbed a stethoscope and examined the pulse.

Madhusree’s mother said, “This is a special day for our daughter and our family. Her dream was to help the sick. That is why she says she has to be a doctor. That dream has come true today. ”

Speaking of Madhushree, she said, “I have faith that doctors will instill confidence in me and others like me. I also wanted to instill the same confidence in patients as they get older. The hospital doctor taught me how to test the pulse and heart rate. I am very happy with this, ”said

Dr. Nima Bhatt, a doctor at BGS Glenigals Global Hospital. She is happy to see the confidence in her eyes. ”

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