5 Ways to Wear Your Favorite Slip Dress in Winter


Stop. Don’t say goodbye and stuff your favorite slip dresses into a summer drawer just yet. I was about to do this one weekend before I realized all it takes is a little layering to make the summer staple fall-appropriate. (I’m also in desperate need of winter clothes, so I’ll take every excuse to extend my warm-weather wardrobe.) Add a sweater over your slip or a pair of tights under and you’ve created a new outfit for yourself. Read on for some quick style tips to take the summer piece right into winter.

Layer a Sweater Under Your Slip Dress

An easy way to turn your summer slip dress into your favorite winter slip dress is by layering. I am currently obsessed with turtlenecks, whether they’re made from a chunky knit or breathable cotton, and love the way they look under a slip. Turtleneck sweaters are like the cold-weather T-shirt: They come in a variety of colors and are easy to pair with just about anything, which makes them a great basic to have. And if you don’t own one already, invest in a long wool coat so it envelopes your body in warmth. The very last item I add to turtlenecks (to make the top look a little less plain) is a necklace or pendant.

Cover Up Your Slip Dress With a Camo Top

A cardigan might be the most obvious choice to wear with a slip dress, but if you prefer a piece that’s slightly more structured and really steers clear of any bed-time vibes, opt for a camo print button-down shirt. This top coupled with a lace black slip offers a grunge feel that will please your edgy side. While the weather permits, ankle socks and sneakers are all you need to complete the outfit. Once the temps drop even more, swap for tights and knee-high leather boots.

Style a Button-Down Shirt Under Your Slip Dress

Button-down shirts have a bad rep for looking overly stuffy or waiter-esque if not styled properly. To avoid this situation altogether, wear your button down underneath your slip dress. The two pieces are different in style (one reminds me of work, the other of my bed), but work seamlessly together for a cute and trendy outfit. Combat boots toughen up your look while the popular teddy coat says you’re a bona fide street style star.

Wear Your Slip Dress Over Jeans

For something less predictable than tights to wear under your slip, go with jeans and a T-shirt. You’re essentially combining two outfits into one for a truly genius ensemble. This fashion influencer even knotted her dress on one side to properly show off her denim underneath, adding yet another fun element to the look. Don’t be afraid to play with your accessories—a cool snakeskin clutch or pair of boots does the trick.

Layer a Sweater Over Your Slip Dress

Lest you think the sweater-over-dress combo is dead, the fall ’18 and spring ’19 runways say it isn’t so. This foolproof method to styling works as long as the sweater length hits you at the right place. It should go a little past your hips to avoid a too baggy or too cropped look. To emphasize shape, simply belt your sweater.


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