30 feet high GolGumbaz to be flower show centrepiece

Bengaluru: A 30-foot floral replica of Gol Gumbaz, colourful butterflies made of orchids and vertical gardens made of 35,000 flowers and leaves are some of the attractions for the forthcoming Lalbagh Republic Day flower show, which will take place from January 20 to 29.

Horticulture Department Commissioner Prabhash Chandra said, “During the 205th flower show, a bust of Marigowda, father of Karnataka horticulture, will be placed at the entrance of glass house.”

For the first time, 250 Cymbidium Orchids from Sikkim have been brought, cold climate flowers, floral peacock are other flowers to be displayed.

The ticket prices will be Rs 50 and Rs 20 for adults and children on weekdays and on Holidays it will be Rs 60 for adults.

The prize distribution will be on the January 25, Chandra said. The department was expecting Rs 150 lakh revenue from this flower show, he added.

67 dangerous structures removed

In the wake of two recent accidents in the park, the park authorities have carried out a safety audit and removed some structures that could pose dangerous to visitors.

“Through the audit, we found 67 dangerous structures that were removed, 17 unstable ones of which four have been repaired. 43 more structures have to be repaired. We have put a barricade using bamboo, around five of the trees and deployed one security guard each, to ensure the public is safe from bee attacks,” said Dr M. Jagadeesh, Deputy Director of Horticulture at Lalbagh.

There are 200-year-old structures, which were not fixed. We have drilled a hole from the top, to pass an iron rod all the way to the bottom, for stability. Rs 1.1 crore have been spent on the flower show, he added.

Instructions will be issued to the public on dos and don’ts in case of a bee attack. In consultation with bee experts, around 30 beehives have been removed, the officials said.

Medical, security measures

DrJagadeesh said measures have been taken to deal with any emergency. “A mini hospital with a mini ICU will be present with paramedics. Anti-snake bite, dog bite and bee sting injections and tablets will be available. Around 45 first-aid vending machines, one fire engine, beekeeping assistants, snake catchers and volunteers will be present,” he added.

As for security, there will be 29 CCTV cameras, around 500 security personnel and a bomb squad.

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