24-year-old man in Bengaluru swallows key, gets it removed after two weeks

Bengaluru: A 24-year-old mason accidentally swallowed a bike key. He got it back after two weeks, but not in the natural way he expected. It was removed endoscopically on Wednesday.

Surprisingly, he had no discomfort all those days when he had the key in his stomach.

Saba Reddy of KR Puram told Express, “I was trying to remove the ring of the key chain from the key with my teeth two weeks back. At that moment, I coughed. Before I knew it, the key was in my mouth and I swallowed it. I felt no pain. I had no discomfort all these days. I thought it would come out on its own but it didn’t. I decided to get it removed. It cost me `4,000 and less than an hour. I had lunch (after the key was removed) and went home. I have no difficulty”.

Gastroenterologist A C Praveen Kumar, who operated upon Reddy said, “I have mostly had cases of children who swallowed pins and coins but not keys. He was lucky not to have injured his food pipe. Coins have smooth edges, but he could have penetrative injuries with the key. It could have injured his small intestine had it gone there. But it got entangled in his stomach. We used local anaesthesia spray and numb his throat… In 25 minutes, we removed it”.

Reddy needs no post operative observation. He had no incision and had a bloodless surgery. “If the ring had rusted, it could have been fatal” said Dr Kumar.

On swallowing the key, Reddy said, “Nobody does it intentionally. It was by mistake”. Now he doesn’t have to arrange for a spare key.

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