24 gamblers captured

It may be your guess that poultry scam is a limited gamble in rural areas. However, it has now entered the outskirts of the city. Police have arrested 24gamblers and two chickens as well as Rs 1,50,400 in fights at Hullegaudanahalli near Nalamangala . The money was seized.

Chamundeshwari Samiil of Hullegaudanahalli, about four hundred kilometers from the Tumkur-Bangalore highway, was gambling. Many were involved in gambling when police raided the area on Tuesday afternoon.

Samill’s gate was closed from the outside and there was gambling inside. The owner of the gamble was Kumar, the owner of the Samil. 50 per person from gamblers. Was making a bill. 500 to Rs 1000 to Rs. Investigators know the bait was being built.

” Two cobwebs, two cages and four small knives were seized on the spot. A case has been registered under the Animal Violence Act against all the accused. A search has been conducted for the main accused, Shiv Kumar, ”the police said.

” The chicken coop has been going on here for the last six months. Not only from different parts of the state but also from Kerala and Tamil Nadu, they come here to gamble, ”the police said.

How is gambling?

The poultry are bred for poultry. They are trained in wrestling. Two chickens are induced to fight each other with a knife to the leg. Once a fight has begun between the chickens, one chicken will not rest until another dies. Gamblers bet on which chicken will win.

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