Parked car causing traffic jams to be fined

People have often complained about vehicles stopping abruptly on the roadside, blocking the movement of vehicles, resulting in traffic pileups. This is a common sight across the city, but nothing has been done about it, at least till now. After repeated pleas from the public, the traffic police have now taken up the issue and are looking into it seriously.

Vehicles, especially autorickshaws, taxis, cars and bigger vehicles, tend to stop on the roadside for unknown reasons blocking other vehicles leading to traffic jams. Drivers park their vehicles on busy roads and sit inside thinking that the traffic police would not fine them. But, a senior police official said, even if a driver is sitting inside the vehicle and has parked in a no-parking zone for a long time, he will be fined.

The police officer said, “We have seen people travelling in cars stopping in front of shops or commercial buildings for shopping and this leads to blocking of the way for other motorists. Cab and auto rickshaw drivers are notorious as they are not bothered about vehicles coming from behind.” He said, “We have been constantly working on ensuring a free flow of vehicles and now we will start penalising vehicles stopping on busy roads and obstructing the flow of traffic. No one can stop in non-parking areas.

The jurisdictional traffic police are already identifying the spots where more number of ‘No Parking’ boards will be put up. If people want to stop their vehicles, they will have to find a suitable spot and stop their vehicles without obstructing the flow of vehicles.” He said, “We have called for a meeting with all senior officers and we will discuss more ideas and implement them to ensure that there is no traffic congestion on roads at the earliest.”

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