Mayor visits Russell Market, reassure to take action instantly


The members of Russell Market Traders Association (RMTA) said they had the worst New Year this time due to foul smell from rotting meat in the area. Heaps of fish waste, innards of animals and carcasses still lie rotting, sealed in plastic bags in the backyard of Russell Market.

St Mary’s Church in Shivajinagar, which has been fighting against the unsystematic dumping of meat waste, added that no action has been taken in spite of several complaints and letters sent to the civic body. The mayor assured that she would visit the spot and address the issue immediately.

When City Express visited the spot, sources said slaughtering of animals take place in Russell Market instead at the slaughter house on Tannery road. “To avoid paying the concerned person in the slaughter house, few shopkeepers here in Russell market are slaughtering calves and sheeps in their homes.  Innards of animals are then dumped here,” said a RMTA member.

Another shopkeeper and a member of RMTA, said, “There are many small markets that fall under the ambit of Russell market. There is a beef market and a mutton market, from where the innards of an animal is carried and dumped in Russell Market, late at night. This waste is almost 50-60 kg in volume and awaits pickup by BBMP trucks.”  Father John Rose of St Mary’s Church said, “Multiple letters have been sent to the civic body and the council. A meeting took place in August last year and it was decided again that CCTVs will be installed.” He added, “The stench was unbearable on the night of December 31. Few visitors vomited on Monday when they visited the church for prayers.”

The meat waste dumping yard exists right at the centre of the Shivajinagar market and has been a nightmare to the traders here. A cloth trader who has his shop in the area for seven years now, said, “My friends and I have our shops almost 700 metres from the dumping spot. We still can never evade the stench. My friend always keeps sneezing. Masks also do not help, as they are wet meat rotting in bags. We all had raised our concerns to the general secretary of RMTA, Chaudhary Idris.

Shakeel, the corporator for ward no 91, had earlier told CE that a gate will be built towards the taxi stand in Russell Market and CCTVs will be installed. City Mayor Gangambike told CE, “The issue has been going on for long. We will take immediate action.”


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